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Connections: theories and past lives - Synchronicity swirls and other foolishness

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March 3rd, 2004

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05:43 pm - Connections: theories and past lives
I'm not entirely certain that I believe in the concept of past lives, I'm not saying that I disbelieve in them, but I'm not certain. I definitely believe in connections. In addition to having profound mystical and emotional connections with several truly wonderful embodied people and lower level connections with a handful of other embodied people, I also have equally intense and real connections with a dragon, an angel, and several other individuals, as well as lower-level connections with role-playing characters who are perhaps a bit more in-depth and "real" (whatever that rather vague term might mean) than most. These connections are emotional, spiritual, and deeply magical and in part, I see myself as the sum of my connections.

On a related note, I talked with several people recently about past lives and similar connections and had some interesting thoughts about the entire phenomena. It is fairly clear to me from my own experiences and the experiences of others who I trust that if considering such connections to be past lives is true, the entire idea of linear incarnations is profoundly silly [1]. Magic can operate outside of time and there is simply no reason that the timeline of any single individual need follow along with the timeline of this universe. Similarly, past lives can also occur across universes, since I'm fairly certain that some of the beings that I have had contact with come from somewhere profoundly different. So, we have incarnations not being bound by standard linear time and incarnations happening from across universes. At that point, an excellent question to ask is how many incarnations might any one person have. One obvious answer is that all life might contain incarnations of everything that has ever lived, which puts a very interesting spin on the whole phenomena of past lives, otherkin, and similar questions. This model is elegant and explains much, but also feels ultimately unsatisfying. Another idea that I had, that I like somewhat better is that each of us is in essence a archetypal being and that all of our connections (or if you will, past lives) are organized around some central theme or complex of themes. I find this idea to be even more elegant and interesting. The next question is how many such archetypes exist, logical answers could easily range from a dozen or so to possibly tens of millions. Regardless, I'm guessing that not all of the 6 billion humans alive today are different archetypes, but that belief is based as much on intuition as anything else. In any case, like the first theory this means that each of us likely has many thousands or perhaps even millions of connections/past lives that we are completely unaware of and could not hope to become aware of them all, which definitely fits my own experiences.

I'm very curious what you people think of this theory.

[1] For some fascinating reading on time, mind, and metaphysical phenomena, take a look at An Experiment with Time by John W. Dunne (a very interesting 1920s psychic & dream researcher). In addition to being very cool, the ideas in this book also served as inspiration for James Blish's truly excellent (but somewhat dated) novel Jack of Eagles. Here's an interesting link about Dunne's theory.
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Date:March 3rd, 2004 08:58 pm (UTC)
I'm actually of the opinion that not all souls reincarnate fully, only those with a strong enough sense of self or *something* do. The rest dissolve back into the OM, perhaps to be reassembled in parts again with others later. Energy is conserved, but I'm not with the limitless multitudes of immortal whiners theory. I mean, I'm sure some just fall apart, or seek final peace in either oblivion or a heavenly bliss. Its just the ones stubburn enough to keep it together and keep coming back for more than make the cut. Now granted, I'm a bit of an elitist that way, but this certainly explains why some people are simply stronger with magick than others, and why we get a sort of ping of familiarity with eachother when we meet. I tend to think of the universe acting in an organic and physics ruled sort of way more so than an idealist one, which I'm sure colors this outlook a bit, but it makes sense to me.

I also think fragmentation is common, that we may be made up of shards of different people, when the energy that made the new soul was cast together. Or that several have combined into one at some point, pointing to various otherkin conditions.

As for myself, what memories I've managed to uncover have more to do with what I was up to between lives than when I was living them. I've never had much luck with regressions, barest fragments, usually involving battle. The understanding that I know what it is to be in a female body, even if the details of that life are beond me. That sort of thing. *shrug* Really, its the between bits that have formed my personal mythology, as it were. That's the important parts, to me, being one who identifies perhaps overly with the mythic at times over the human. But I am, after all, a complicated creature.
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Date:March 4th, 2004 05:58 pm (UTC)
We should talk, (and you should add cuttingthreads so that I can post for myself instead of borrowing the body's journal.)
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Date:March 4th, 2004 06:44 pm (UTC)
Added. I look forward to discussing this with you.

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