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The joys of publication: FTL Now - Synchronicity swirls and other foolishness

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January 17th, 2007

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09:47 pm - The joys of publication: FTL Now
Yesterday, I received a print copy of FTL Now, by Flying Mice games. I wrote almost all of the setting material for this game, and until now had only a PDF. However, they finally got around to doing print copies of the game and so they sent me one. I always love receiving copies of my work. This particular game is not as well edited as some (ie they didn't catch all of my typos), but it uses a perfectly serviceable rule-set that is easily converted to other systems and I'm quite pleased with my work on the setting, especially the material on the future of the setting, covering 2006-2040. I'm not at all certain I would play in this setting, but I'd dearly love to use it as the backstory for a campaign set somewhere around 2050-2100 [[1]]. This game is the sequel to their game Cold Space, where a wondrous device (in classic SF tradition) is discovered in 1950, this device - the Solothurn engine provides both antigravity and an FTL drive. Essentially, both games are our own history writ large and are hard SF of a particularly classic sort, complete with both nifty starships and (hopefully) interesting social commentary. In any case, the joy of seeing something I worked on in print in a form that looks good never ceases to please me.

[[1]]: By 2040, Earth is insular, heavily balkanized, deeply paranoid, isolationist, and the 2.5 billion inhabitants are headed toward some form of odd singularity, while the 16 million inhabitants of the colony worlds are largely somewhat more cautious about some of the more unusual technologies coming out of Earth's massive research facilities. I'd love to take part in a campaign in the 2060s-70s, where all this started getting particularly strange and complex, especially if contact with alien life or alien ruins (both of which have yet to happen in the setting) occur around the same time and serve as a catalyst for various changes.
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