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Shadey - one of the oddest wonderful films I know of - Synchronicity swirls and other foolishness

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February 3rd, 2007

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11:29 pm - Shadey - one of the oddest wonderful films I know of
Tonight, for the 3rd time, I watched Shadey, which is an exceptionally obscure film made in 1985, that I first saw (with my dear friend Aaron of course) in St. Louis, in 1986. It is a difficult film to think about much after I have seen it, because it is so atypical, that it's hard to hold all of the many disparate (but also perfectly interlocking) pieces together. It is a film about a transsexual, spies & psychic powers, the Cold War, but unlike most films, which would deal with one or a handful of these as the focus of the film, all are (important) incidentals - instead it's a film about transcendence and hope.

Unlike the previous two times I've seen this film, I now have the power of imdb and wikipedia at my command, and so I find that while director is someone who has directed all manner of films, the screenwriter, Snoo Wilson , is a deeply eccentric British playwright who has no other films out, but who writes all manner of impressively strange plays and a few equally odd-sounding novels. The novels seem rather too surreal for my tastes, but I'd definitely see one of his plays. I'm also fairly convinced just from the subjects and writing style of his work that he's some sort of bizarre British chaos magician, but I have no evidence for this other than his obvious fascination with the occult. In any case, the film is marvelous, and remains one of the oddest things I've seen that was both extremely unusual and perfectly comprehensible (at least to me).
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