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SF Quiz - Synchronicity swirls and other foolishness

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February 5th, 2007

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01:20 am - SF Quiz
SF/F quiz
Via bright_lilim

Science Fiction, Fantasy or Horror
SF hands down, but good fantasy can come in a close second, I actively avoid horror (as opposed to monster-hunting actions novels, movies, and TV shows (like Buffy and early Anita Blake), which can be fluffy fun)

Hardback or Trade Paperback or Mass Market Paperback?
The cheaper the better.

Heinlein or Asimov?
I prefer Arthur Clarke over either of those two, but most definitely Asimov, Heinlein's juveniles are fun, but almost everything else he wrote is vile.

Amazon or Brick and Mortar?
Price is king and Amazon is cheap

Barnes & Noble or Borders?

Hitchhiker or Discworld?
Neither, but Hitchhiker is merely not something I'm into, while I loathe Discworld

Bookmark or Dogear?
Dear gods, bookmark only.

Magazine: Asimov's Science Fiction or Fantasy & Science Fiction?
Either, but I read Asimov's more often.

Alphabetize by author Alphabetize by title or random?
By Author.

Keep, Throw Away or Sell?
Keep unless it sucked, then I sell it.

Year's Best Science Fiction series (edited by Gardner Dozois) or Years Best SF series (edited by David G. Hartwell)?

Keep dustjacket or toss it?
Keep, of course.

Read with dustjacket or remove it?
With, otherwise I might lose it.

Short story or novel?
Novels are always preferable.

Harry Potter or Lemony Snicket?
HP, it isn't really my thing, but Lemony Snicket is vastly annoying.

Stop reading when tired or at chapter breaks?
Usually at chapter breaks.

"It was a dark and stormy night" or "Once upon a time"?
If I must, "Once upon a time"

Buy or Borrow?
I largely use the library as a way to test-drive unknown books or authors for free or to acquire new hardbacks before they come out cheaply. If I like it, I then buy it.

Buying choice: Book Reviews, Recommendation or Browse?
In-person and on-line recommendations and Amazon recommendations are how I find almost all books these days.

Lewis or Tolkien?
I'm not all that keen on either, but I prefer Tolkien.

Hard SF or Space Opera?
If it has actual characters and is not just a lesson in science or technology, then hard SF usually wins, but I enjoy both.

Collection (short stories by the same author) or Anthology (short stories by different authors)? A collection by an author I like is always preferable to an anthology.

Hugo or Nebula?
I find Nebulas somewhat more reliable.

Golden Age SF or New Wave SF?
Golden age is generally more fun, but mostly I prefer things more recent than either.

Tidy ending or Cliffhanger?
Tidy ending everytime.

Morning reading, Afternoon reading or Nighttime reading?
Nighttime, or occasionally afternoon, I avoid mornings.

Series, or a really wrapped-up standalone?
I love a good standalone, but am not averse to series that make sense as series.

Urban fantasy or high fantasy?
Both as long as they avoid the pitfalls the bedevil so much fantasy.

New or used?
Usually used, price is king.

Favorite book of which nobody else has heard?
Everything by P.C. Hodgell or for even more obscurity, Timeshadow Rider by Ann Maxwell.

Top X favorite genre books read last year? (Where X is 5 or less)
(in no particular order)
Pushing Ice by Alastair Reynolds
The Machine's Child by Kage Baker
To Ride a Rathorn by P.C. Hodgell
Evolution's Shore by Ian MacDonald
Downward to the Earth by Robert Silverberg (reread, but still brilliant)

Top X favorite genre books of all time? (Where X is 10 or less)
(again in no particular order)
I'm cheating by including two combined editions
Dark of the Gods (Godstalk, Dark of the Moon combined edition) by P.C. Hodgell
Warlock by Andre Norton (includes Storm over Warlock, Ordeal in Otherwhere, and Forerunner Foray)
Galactic Derelict by Andre Norton
The Graveyard Game by Kage Baker
Dreamsnake by Vonda N. McIntyre
Chasm City by Alastair Reynolds
Darkchild by Sydney J. Van Scyoc
The Alchemists by Geary Gravel
Vast by Linda Nagata
Dreamships by Melissa Scott

X favorite genre series? (Where X is 5 or less)
(and yet again in no particular order)
The Center of the Galaxy series by Gregory Benford
The Vlad Taltos series by Steven Brust
The Company series by Kage Baker
The Jame/Rathillien series by P.C. Hodgell
The Revelation Space Series by Alastair Reynolds

Top X favorite genre short stories? (Where X is 5 or less)
(Too many to list, here are two I've read recently that are particularly brilliant)
Weather by Alastair Reynolds
Magic for Beginners by Kelly Link
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