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Experiments with time - Synchronicity swirls and other foolishness

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March 14th, 2007

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02:08 pm - Experiments with time
The results of the experiments described here could be very interesting. I'm definitely of the opinion that either the past and the future are changeable, or neither of them are (although there might be a large amount of wiggle-room in this to be found in the many worlds hypothesis. In any case, this might be the first step in proving that time travel, and thus FTL travel are both to at least some degree possible, or alternately proving that we live in a pre-determined, fixed (and thus, from my PoV, rather dull and overly constrained) universe. We shall hopefully see. Regardless of the results, being able to discover this is fascinating.
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Date:March 14th, 2007 09:35 pm (UTC)
Duuuuuuude. That's cool. Just confirms what teriel and other retroactive magicians have known for years.
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Date:March 15th, 2007 03:05 am (UTC)

Have you seen the movie 'Primer'.

Its some of the best 'intelligent' sci-fi I've seen lately. I was fairly impressed when I saw that a reference to the same theory they were using as a premise was discussed in This American Life (Ira Glass) by a physicist.

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Date:March 15th, 2007 03:40 am (UTC)
I haven't seen that movie, but I have heard very interesting things about it and it's definitely on my to-see list.
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Date:March 15th, 2007 03:51 am (UTC)

I also wanted to check if you were getting my emails I sent you or if its all being lost in some spam filter??

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