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The Future's So Bright You're Gonna Wear Shades - Synchronicity swirls and other foolishness

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April 1st, 2007

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05:05 pm - The Future's So Bright You're Gonna Wear Shades
Here's an article on new capabilities for cellphones
"New technology, already in use in parts of Asia but still in development in the United States, allows the phones to connect everyday objects with the Internet.

In their new incarnation, cellphones become a sort of digital remote control, as one CBS executive put it. With a wave, the phone can read encoded information on everyday objects and translate that into videos, pictures or text files on its screen.

In Japan, McDonald’s customers can already point their cellphones at the wrapping on their hamburgers and get nutrition information on their screens. Users there can also point their phones at magazine ads to receive insurance quotes, and board airplanes using their phones rather than paper tickets. And film promoters can send their movie trailers from billboards."
In addition to being useful and nifty (especially given the potential for things like easy access to ingredient information for those of us with food allergies). However, I see this as only the first step. Now, combine this tech with the new, small, sleek, and stylish heads-up eyeglasses displays. This little gem should be available for sale later this year, I'm certain it's only one of the first. In addition to being able to more easily watch films and cruise the net while on public transport or airplanes, you connect it to a cellphone use it to access the features I mentioned above. Also, given that all new cellphones come with GPS, you can have arrows and overlay maps directing you around unfamiliar streets or corridors (which sounds like a great boon some someone who gets lost as easily as I do). However, those are only the official applications. Now consider how big cosplay is in Japan. Combined GPS, eyeglasses displays, and cellphones. It seems far from impossible for someone into cosplay to have other people's eyeglasses displays who scan a code worn the person wears on a button to show overlays of them in all manner of virtual costumes or even to overlay an ordinary person in business wear with a hulking ogre, a dragon, or whatever. I'm absolutely certain someone (almost certainly in Japan) will be doing this within 2 years, if not less time that that, and I'm betting this sort of thing will spread like wildfire.

We are looking at the dawn of the era of augmented reality. Yes, AR has vast potential for both porn and advertising (just like the internet), but from my PoV, that's a good thing, because I am firmly convinced that only those informational media that have a high potential for both porn and advertising have any real chance of both commercial success and popular acceptance. I thought about this while walking around at a mall (one of a handful of times that I've go there in the last 12 months) and thinking that in 3-4 years many of the younger members of the middle class will be wearing glasses, even if they do not need vision correction. I love living in this era.
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Date:April 2nd, 2007 12:41 pm (UTC)
I love the idea of heads-up eyeglass displays. I think it'd be a lot of fun and very useful. The only concern I have about them is the person who decides to watch a video or surf the net driving on the highway in rush hour traffic.

For me, I'm looking forward to the day when I can directly hook myself into a network. Somehow I don't think that day is all that far away. These are definitely exciting times.

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