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Culinary & Feline Oddities - Synchronicity swirls and other foolishness

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April 10th, 2007

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02:16 pm - Culinary & Feline Oddities
teaotter, amberite, and I went shopping at a large Chinese supermarket on Sunday. In addition to various staples like dried mushrooms, sesame oil, and black rice, I naturally bought some of the various unusual types of snack food. Most, like pandan and coconut sweet rice, I had eaten before (and quite enjoy). I also tried "Rice Cake with Pork Sung", which looks like a box of unusually thin rice-crispie candy, except the ingredients are rice, pork sung (a substance best described as a delicious, finely shredded, slightly sweet pork jerky), sugar, salt, and chili.

So, I tried it yesterday, and it tasted remarkably like a crunchy, salty, non-sweet, slightly spicy piece of rice crispie candy. IOW, it was fairly good, but also very, very odd. However, I was not the only one expressing an interest in it. My cat DJ has no interest in human food (including both raw and cooked meat) with the exception of occasionally liking to drink milk from cereal bowls. He was in my lap when I started eating it, and started sniffing it extensively and clearly wanted some and was demanding and persistent in a way I'd never seen him act around human food. I was puzzled by this, until Becca sniffed it closely and mentioned that while it did not taste at all like cat food, it definitely smelled a great deal like some types of dry cat food, clearly DJ wholeheartedly agreed with this assessment. Naturally, there then followed many mentions of keeping the other cats away while I was eating my cat-food, and similar comments, inspired by posts like this one. I wonder various forms of american snack food smell like cat food to cats in other parts of the world...
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Date:April 10th, 2007 11:57 pm (UTC)
MSG and its other excitogen cousins are very attractive to both humans and many pets. Because some people avoid MSG these days, the companies packaging food-like substances hide the MSG content with hidden labels. See here for a list.

I have no idea if MSG is what is attracting your cat, but the thought did pop to mind.

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