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Impressive Technology - Synchronicity swirls and other foolishness

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August 4th, 2007

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03:41 pm - Impressive Technology
After Becca mentioned she was considering getting a new vacuum cleaner to her mom, her brother with a job in computer cryptography (and thus more money than he knows what to do with) sent her money for a high-end vacuum cleaner (actually sufficient for her to also get a good pair of running shoes) and so Becca did significant research on quality and features in upper-mid range vacuum cleaners and found the Kenmore Progressive 36932 bagless vacuum cleaner, which was rated exceptionally highly (and was also 20% off at our local Sears). Our previous vacuum cleaner is a lower-mid range model that was fairly good, but clearly very far from excellent. However, we used it last weekend and then shampooed the carpets, so the living room floor is actually quite clean, or so it appeared. We just tried out the new mechanical wonder (with oddities like a dirt sensor that actually appear to work) and after getting a 4 square foot area clean (at least according to the dirt sensor) there was a fairly dense ball of cat fur in the bottom of the very nifty transparent dirt compartment the size of a grapefruit. The prospect of having floors that are actually clean is actually quite impressive and nifty. It's also fairly quiet and doesn't particularly terrify the cats. Modern technology is marvelous. Of course, it's also difficult to imagine anything quite as both prosaic and as indicative of the modern era as blogging about a new vacuum cleaner.

Addendum: Becca just swept the bedroom, which has far less cat hair, since we do not allow the cat's in there. We also swept and shampooed the carpet in there last week. A bit of cat hair came up, but the bottom of the bag and the interior of the primary (and thankfully washable) filter was filled with more grey dust than I had ever seen in one place. Before using this thing, I'm guessing that by mass our carpets are around 4% cat fur and 1% dust - after vacuuming with this marvel, the carpet literally feels different to touch.
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