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Initial notes on the visit - Synchronicity swirls and other foolishness

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December 30th, 2007

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01:31 am - Initial notes on the visit
teaotter and I arrived home from visiting my parents this evening. It's astoundingly good to be home, being around my parents is (as always) deeply stressful. However, there were definitely some positive sides to the trip. I have many new clothes, the best of which is a lovely new black velvet jacket, which (among many other uses) combined with my white ruffle shirt, and my lovely new cloak, allows me to I do an impressively excellent version of the 3rd Doctor's clothing. I also traded a large Sony digital camera back to my dad, in return for a lovely new pocket-sized Casio 7 MP camera that should help me get back into photography, since it slips easily in a pocket. Other gifts included a wonderful set of Calphalon knives and a knife block, that they sent here, and a joint gift to Becca and I, a voice controlled R2D2, which for some reason they thought we would like. It may serve as a way to amuse the cats (or far more likely to amuse ourselves at the cats' expense), but is bafflingly expensive. My parents are very odd people...

The annoyance of dealing with my parents, and most particularly my high-strung mother was offset by a chance to see our dear and marvelous friends lyssabard & tlttlotd, first in the company of laurelindel (who I am just starting to get to know well and who I find more wonderful each time I see her), rialian, helen99, who were both most fun to see, and others, and then just the four of us. Definitely two people I greatly miss and love spending time with. To avoid upsetting my parents by daring to visit other people for a few hours (mostly while they were asleep) during an 8-day visit, on the flight back, teaotter concocted a plan by which we fly in couple days early or fly out a couple days late and spend the time with lyssabard & tlttlotd if they weren't too busy. Naturally, this makes use of the fact that my parents pick us up and drop us off at the entrance and exit to the airport, and so they would never know if someone picked us up immediately after they dropped us off, or dropped us off shortly before they picked us up. There are definitely times that my relationship with my parents takes on aspects of a rather odd sitcom.

In any case, being back means I can read and post on the internet far more easily, not having to rely upon either dialup access (shudder) or the bandwidth of strangers (aka, at least in this case, being a remarkably weak and intermittent unsecured wifi signal, that was for all its problems still substantially better than dialup). It also means that I can sleep, since I no longer need to get up sufficiently early to avoid making my parents unhappy while still staying up late enough to do work or simply de-stress. It's exceptionally good to be home.
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Date:December 30th, 2007 08:10 pm (UTC)
What a wonderfully purple garment... It looks perfect. The James Bond airport caper is hilarious (yet it's sad that one has to go to such lengths to avoid problems).
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Date:December 30th, 2007 11:10 pm (UTC)
It was wonderful spending time with you and teaotter! I look forward to seeing you both again when you come back.

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