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Writer's Strike and musings on unions - Synchronicity swirls and other foolishness

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February 12th, 2008

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02:55 pm - Writer's Strike and musings on unions
I am overjoyed that the the Writers Guild of America appears on the verge of ending their strike after having most of their demands for payment for on-line usage of their material have been met. This is what unions should do and how they should work. I have some small hope that their very public success will help overturn several decades of (from my PoV bizarre and self-destructive) popular anti-union sentiment. I'm also very impressed by the Writers Guild's tactics wrt the Academy Awards and the Golden Globe awards, that was a very smart tactic and is likely one of the biggest reasons they had most of their demands met. My grandfather belonged a union and it did well by him, and several of my friends have belonged to unions, including my dear friend Aaron, who was a member of the Teamster's Union when he worked for the San Diego Wild Animal Park, and Ive seen a lot of good come from them. Certainly, there have been bad unions, but the idea that the existence of some bad unions means unions are in some way outmoded or a bad idea strikes me as no more sensible than someone saying that because they ate some food that make them sick, they had decided to stop eating altogether.
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Date:February 13th, 2008 04:23 am (UTC)
My father was one of those managers that worked his way up from a mechanic to plant manager back in his day and was the president of his local union chapter for a time before becoming management and he always said that as a manager it was better, easier and more fair to deal with a union than on an employee by employee basis. To his credit, they never had a strike at the plant while he was the manager and I think a lot of that came from being on both sides of the fence.

Unions have done a lot of good in this country and throughout the world as a whole. I suspect much of the anti-union sentiment goes along with the still fervent "socialism is a four letter word" attitude which bugs the hell out of me.

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