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BSG: Season Finale - No Spoilers - Synchronicity swirls and other foolishness

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June 14th, 2008

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12:28 am - BSG: Season Finale - No Spoilers
teaotter and I just watched the Battlestar Galactica mid-season finale (which given that the last 10 episodes will be shown in Spring 2009, is effectively the season finale. It was predictably excellent, but unimaginably harsh - I didn't see the last 3 minutes coming, and it was brutal, while also making perfect sense. Many TV shows and movies glorify violence & make it cinematic and attractive, others (such as most shows by Joss Whedon) use it as a metaphor. BSG is about violence, and more specifically about war and the price of the cycle of violence, and it is exactly as hard to watch as it should be. I can't say that I in any way like the show, and yet it is also without question well worth watching, especially with the world (and the US) as it is today.
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Date:June 14th, 2008 08:26 am (UTC)
I have watched several episodes of BSG, from the early seasons. I could not stomach it. It may have some good moral lessons, but it just made me want to puke.

I am just too sensitized to imperialist war violence, patriotism, and all the other things I loathe and despise.

Likewise I have never been able to watch any movies about the Viet Nam war, no have I ever watched a TV speech by a militant US politician. My stomach just is not strong enough for that.
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Date:June 14th, 2008 09:58 am (UTC)
It is definitely far from easy to watch.

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