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Doctor Who: Spoilers for The Stolen Earth + theories - Synchronicity swirls and other foolishness

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June 28th, 2008

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11:34 pm - Doctor Who: Spoilers for The Stolen Earth + theories
If you haven't seen the 12th episode of this seasons Doctor Who, then you might not want to read this, since

I was very impressed with this week's episode, I loved it for having a large number of nifty characters, for over-the-top fun, and even for the cheesy early 1960s radio wave special effects. I'm also very eager to see the next episode in part because I'm eager to see both my certainty's play out and to see if my suspicions turn out to be correct. In any case, I loved that episode.

Certainty: Since Catherine Tate is done with Doctor Who after this season, it's clear that something is happening to her character. For most of the season, I assumed she'd die heroically saving either the Doctor, the Earth, or both, likely the Doctor. However, in Turn Left, she already did that, so I was puzzled at what they'd do with her. Now it's clear, she's part Timelord, just as the vicar in The Unicorn and the Wasp was half Vespiform. This season has had an on-going theme of reproduction, was well as several suggestions of half-breed aliens or aliens and humans otherwise mingling. Then, we have the proof - Donna Noble sitting at The Shadow Proclamation, with the sound-track of her heartbeat, and towards the end of that you can hear a second, softer heartbeat. Then she says "I'm just a temp", because her current form and state is indeed temporary. The fact that Doctor had children was mentioned this season, and at minimum, his granddaughter Susan (from the long-ago days of the 1st Doctor) married a human (or at least a member of non-Timelord human-like species). Then we have Donna's father, who has not been mentioned this season, except in Turn Left, where Donna's mother (who denies aliens around her, just as she denied the fact that her husband was an alien) says that he "Had to go", when Donna asks about him. He was presumably half-Timelord, and likely Susan's son, and Donna is his daughter. I'm assuming she will become a Timelord, possibly triggered by the Doctors regeneration. Davros asks the Doctor where his family is, and the answer is of course standing right next to the Doctor. She is "something new" part Timelord, the first of the next Timelords, and very likely the Doctor's great, great granddaughter. Also, amberite mentioned that someone on-line suggested that if Donna regenerates, we might continue to have Donna Noble traveling with the Doctor, even if Catherine Tate leaves the show.

Suspicions: I think the Doctor will regenerate so that he looks exactly the same - given that David Tennent is going to continue to play the Doctor, either he'll regenerate as himself (which will almost certainly be explained by the presence of the hand in the jar), or the episode will effectively unhappen when the planets are released from the Medusa Cascade. I think we'll know our answer to that in the first 3 minutes of the next episode - both because we'll see if the Doctor's appearance changes or not and if Sarah Jane Smith, Gwen Cooper, and Ianto Jones all die or not (since it's equally certain that those characters won't be killed off in a guest appearance on another show). My assumption is that they won't be killed and that the Doctor will remain played by David Tennent, but I'm not 100% positive of that (unlike my complete certainty about Donna).
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Date:June 29th, 2008 10:09 am (UTC)

passing through

One thing I've been wondering - Rose's alt world is ahead of our world right? which is how she knew Donna was going to die. Confidential also told us that because Rose is from another universe she has an "objective" view of time in our universe - in other words she knows what was going to happen not just in "alt Donna" world but in our "proper" time stream that we're now, presumably, back on.
So why didn't Rose tell people in advance what she knows of the Dr's death etc?? Or avoid it by telling him not to run towards her!!!
I think the suggestion Donna is the Dr's descendant is trather lovely - I have had my own theories on that one which are rather different - namely that the Dr somehow regenetes INTO Donna (but as Himself gets cloned from the hand) and we have the mother of all time loops.
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Date:June 29th, 2008 05:24 pm (UTC)
I think it's a given that Sarah Jane, Gwen and Ianto won't be killed in the next episode since both Torchwood and the Sarah Jane Adventures have been renewed for another season. While this may not be an indicator for Gwen and Ianto, it's definitely an indicator for Sarah Jane since it'd be kind of hard to have the Sarah Jane Adventures without Sarah Jane Smith.:)

I'm not so sure about Donna Noble being part time lord. I remember a couple of years ago the same thoughts circulating about Rose, which, could still be a possibility and could still explain how Rose could take in the heart of the TARDIS without being killed. On the other hand, there could also be other half timelord/half humans floating around or even more time lords hiding as humans with the pocket watches the same way the Doctor and the Master did. What would happen to them if they had children? Technically, they'd be half Gallifreyan, I would think and likely end up with some recessive abilities or possibly even racial memories, if RTD is going to be Jungian about it.

I'm curious to see if the Doctor's daughter shows up in the next episode.
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Date:June 29th, 2008 05:34 pm (UTC)
I think it's a given that Sarah Jane, Gwen and Ianto won't be killed in the next episode since both Torchwood and the Sarah Jane Adventures have been renewed for another season.

Definitely not in the long run, but they could die temporarily and then have all events reset (including their deaths) by Earth leaving the Medusa Cascade and the whole 1 second out of phase with time thing the Daleks used to hide it.

I'm curious to see if the Doctor's daughter shows up in the next episode.

Agreed. OTOH, they might be saving her for one of the four 2 hour specials next year (and damn them for not having full seasons of either Torchwood or Doctor Who next year)
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Date:June 29th, 2008 08:25 pm (UTC)
True. As we've seen over the many years of Doctor Who, death isn't usually dead forever.

I had another strange thought this morning in regard to Torchwood that while it seems completely improbable it's not completely impossible. What if Maria's father from the Sarah Jane Adventures takes the place of Toshiko. Torchwood is looking for a new resident techy and he has already shown his skills in hacking alien computer systems. Jack made a comment to Sarah Jane that he'd been following her work so it seems likely that Torchwood would know about the Jackson's and specifically Maria's father (I wish I could remember the actual character's name other than "Maria's father"). The only thing that might keep Jack from bringing him on board is the fact tht he does have a family and the lifespan of a Torchwood agent doesn't seem to be very long from what we've seen.

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