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General Update - Synchronicity swirls and other foolishness

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October 10th, 2008

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01:07 am - General Update
My cat DJ is doing very well (especially for being 15). His blood pressure medicine, special diet, and thyroid medicine seem to work together to make him a much happier and healthier cat, he's gaining weight and is more active.

I'm fairly busy, and also somewhat nervous, because I'm in the midst of developing my first book for White Wolf. I have all the drafts (including my own) and am starting the rather difficult (at least for me, being my first time) work of turning all that into a book ready to go into production. I have 5 weeks, I'll definitely need it, but I think it will end up as a good book.

It's feeling like winter here, we turned on the heat today. Outside it's currently in the low 40s. Also, tonight Becca and I went to the Hawthorne Fish House, which is definitely designed for people with food allergies (especially for gluten allergies, but they also definitely took dairy allergies into account). In addition to knowledgeable staff, and delicious catfish, they also had an utterly wonderful chocolate tofu cheesecake. I love living in Portland - going out to restaurants on the East Coast would definitely be harder and more annoying, and in the middle of the US, I'd largely have to give that up.

Also, for any of you with in interest in interesting ads and in technology and culture, here's a nifty and short Nokia ad about screens and culture. Mobile devices are beginning to change our world in ways even more significant than when they were just phones. I'm fascinated to see what the next 3-5 years will bring and can't wait to purchase whatever will pass for an upper mid-range smartphone (or whatever less annoying name they have for them then) in 5 years.
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