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Factio Republicana Delenda Est - Synchronicity swirls and other foolishness Page 2

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October 20th, 2008

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02:36 am - Factio Republicana Delenda Est
This will likely be my last political post for a few weeks, since I'm both more hopeful than I have been and also getting rather tired of the overly long election process. This post is in two parts, the first is a rather lengthy analysis of US politics, and particularly of the Republican party, the 2nd half is a strong recommendation for what to do about this rather horrid situation. Even if you aren't interested in the first part, look at the second and please at least consider acting on my recommendation.

1) The biggest problem in US politics today is that the Republican party is utterly monstrous. I remember an article in the local free paper shortly before the 200 election, one of the points it made was that we shouldn't worry too much about that election, because Shrub couldn't really be as bad as we expected and also if you were at a point where one of the candidates truly was that vile, then the problems were a lot deeper and more serious than just that candidate. Well, he was and they are. Here's the rest of my discussion of the recent history of the Republican partyCollapse )

2) My basic recommendation is very simple. I urge everyone considering voting for independent candidates for any federal level office [[1]] to vote a straight Democratic ticket this November. I'm suggesting this not because the Democrats are especially marvelous or wonderful - mostly they're overly timid centrists. The point is that the Republican party has been sufficiently bad for sufficiently long that we need to do whatever we can to cause it to change. I urge you all to help be a part of this change, even if you normally vote for the Green Party or some other third party. If we can clean up the Republicans even somewhat, then there will be vastly more room for non-ultraconservative ideas to flourish and spread.

Currently, both individual and corporate donations to the Republican party are down significantly compared to previous elections. What voting for the Democrats in November does is help insure not just large-scale Republican losses, but exceedingly severe large-scale Republican losses. This is badly needed because it will cause the Republican party to reshape itself into something at least somewhat less monstrous, if for no other reason than that bad losses mean even less money, and every political party rises and falls on its ability to obtain money from its supporters and few people and corporations support hopeless losers. While I'd never have voted for the Republicans from the first 2/3s of the 20th century, mostly they were not particularly more monstrous than the Democrats of that era. That's no longer remotely true.

More importantly, voting for a 3rd party does nothing to stop or change the Republican party. It also means that the Republicans don't have to worry about the political power of people who aren't either ultra-conservatives or centrists. Click here for further thoughts on this ideaCollapse )

[[1]] I trust that no one reading this is foolish enough to consider voting for any federal-level Republicans, and if any of you are, I don't want to hear about it & I also urge you invest in either sense or morals.
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Date:October 21st, 2008 07:13 am (UTC)


Hadn't had an understanding of the Republican "whitism" as being so relevant but of course it is, thank you for the background.

I used to be fairly politically active, at the beginning of the century. I've gotten terribly apathetic lately. Still, I never miss ANY election, and even when I was an active heroin user I always managed to get to the polls.

I find myself planning to vote for Obama on the strength of his answer to the pot question...which was "Yes, and I did inhale. That was the point."

This, and the fact there's not one word on his website about promising to reduce drug use, which would probably be a first for Democratic candidates.

I hate his foreign policy - palling around with Brzezinski (I know I mangled that spelling) doesn't exactly make me trust him. But I am familiar with the name McCain from times stretching all the way back before Bush II! In his early Congressional times he made moves (thankfully unsuccessful) to try to outlaw Federal funding for methadone clinics. That's a "where I live" issue that has me frightened, since one thing you did not mention was that we found the Republican Party doesn't see itself above finegling an election by screwing with the ballots. That, and the unfortunate large scale racist element we don't have on the Left Coast but that I know does exist elsewhere in America...even crazy old McCain and his goofy Veep could easily get elected just because too many people don't trust a black man in the White House. (And I am so damn sick of the jokes about that, one more and I'll snap...)

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