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Exhausting Moving & a good book - Synchronicity swirls and other foolishness

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March 16th, 2009

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02:14 am - Exhausting Moving & a good book
Packing goes - it is stressful as packing always is, but given that almost half of what we owned was never unpacked from the last move, it isn't that bad. The walls in the finished basement are close to done- transforming our 2 bedroom house with an open finished basement, into a four bedroom house. The movers come on the 18th to move almost everything, and we'll spend the night of the 18th in our new home. Then, we get cable tv hooked up the next morning, allowing us to watch both The Sarah Connor Chronicles and the BSG finale the next night. The only real downside other than too much work packing (and the deeply intimidating prospect of disassembling and then reassembling Alice's loft-bed) is that Earthlink has again proved to be annoying. Since we are keeping the same phone number, they can't/won't start work on transferring our DSL service until after our new phone number is working - on Wednesday. Hopefully, it won't take too long to be able to use DSL again - last time I discovered that this process can be speeded up by calling Earthlink every day and on the rare occasion that I get someone useful, throw myself on their mercy.

In other news, Becca and I discovered a new fantasy series - I've just finished Cast in Shadow by Michelle Sagara, and Becca has finished the 2nd book. I loved the initial idea of a police procedural in a fantasy world - having a city that seems to be at least as large as Manhattan, and perhaps as large as Mexico City, with remnants of ancient and only semi-controlled or understood magic is also very cool as is the presence of 7 species, only two of which are the standard humans and elves, is also nice, as is the way magic is handled. However, two things really impressed me, excellent characterization & something that I've never seen before.

A standard trope in much fantasy, especially fantasy that's clearly related to romantic fantasy, is two people who are both essentially good people, who cannot get along or be together due to some allegedly horrible deed one of them performed in the past. In most cases, this remains true only due to either massive miscommunication or because one or both people have the emotional maturity of 13 year olds. In better novels, I can intellectually see why people would react that way, but given that I largely lack anything like sexual jealousy and my morals and ethics are sufficiently flexible that I can excuse a truly impressive amount of behavior that would bother many people (such as killing someone in cold blood, even if the victim was truly murderous and vile) if the action was performed by someone I love, on many levels, the characters' emotional reactions make no sense to me. However, in this book, you have two characters who are essentially good people, and one of them did something that I could see being truly unforgivable, and yet which was done with truly excellent reasons - I'm impressed and am looking forward to reading more of the series.
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Date:March 16th, 2009 02:52 pm (UTC)
Good luck with Earthlink and the loft bed.

As for romantic fantasy, I prefer my erotica without enough sugary garbage to put me in a diabetic coma. Mercedes Lackey does not write romantic fantasy well at all. Jacqueline Carey's novels are the only ones in this genre I like, and those are not properly romantic fantasy, since the romance is only a small element.
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Date:March 16th, 2009 04:13 pm (UTC)
purr. Is very nice to see friends reading and loving books I enjoy. I came to this author by way of her Michelle West books, which are...very very different [though I can see some themes shining through both series as well as her hand behind the cultural imaginings] but these are also very tasty albeit lighter fare...
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Date:March 17th, 2009 03:29 am (UTC)
That kind of b/s really gets my dander up. On the other hand, you'll soon have your own digs in which to store treasure!

The Cast series is awesome, I've read all 4 of them so far.
I also have to say, for an after-author-death pickup, the Dawn of Amber series by Betancourt wasn't too bad.

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