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Planned Physical Elemental Workings - Synchronicity swirls and other foolishness

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June 1st, 2009

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02:43 pm - Planned Physical Elemental Workings
I recently had an idea for doing some work to get in touch with the elements – not ritual work, but instead spiritually motivated physical work. I already garden, and so that may suffice for Earth. For Water, there's a place offering relatively inexpensive floatation tank rental nearby, and so I'll give that a try and will also try getting in practice with swimming (I haven't been in a swimming pool since the mid 1980s) – I'm not certain how that will go, since I am somewhat timid in water, but thankfully amberite is a skilled swimmer who has expressed interest in helping me swim. In any case, I'm fairly excited about trying a floatation tank. I'm especially excited about my idea for fire working (which was the initial impetus for all this) – I'm planning on learning fire dancing.

One of the great advantages of spending a number of years learning tai chi, yoga, and feldenkrais is that I'm considerably more physically adept than I used to be. teaotter took a class in fire dancing 6 years ago, but got out of it because she didn't know anyone else who did it. So, she'll show me that basics (using practice poi) and then starting in early July, we'll both take a 6 week class on it.

I'm quite pleased with my decision to try this, but have a few questions. Has anyone reading this tried anything like this, and if so do you have any recommendations. Also, as you likely noticed, there's nothing focusing on air here. In large part, I'm not certain what activity would be appropriate. My first thought was rock-climbing, but my previous experience with doing this seemed very Earth-focused - I still vividly remember clinging to the climbing wall for dear life. Skydiving is both more expensive and rather more terrifying than I'm interested in, especially since I'm looking for something that I can do repeatedly.
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Date:June 1st, 2009 10:01 pm (UTC)
For air:

It isn't free but riding a zip line will give you both the feeling of falling, speed in the air, and elevation above ground. I'm not quite sure what is near Portland but there should be something. I'm not sure if zip the gorge is active yet or not.

I also recommend road cycling. Taking a bicycle and pushing your body to go up a hill makes you very, very aware of the importance of breath. But for an elemental working going down a long hill or mountain gives an incredible sensation of flying and connection to the air.

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