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On Floating - Synchronicity swirls and other foolishness

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June 28th, 2009

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01:52 am - On Floating
On Friday, I spent $30.00 for around two and half hours in a floatation tank. I've read several of John Lilly's books and so have been familiar with the concept, but have never tried one before. The tank is filled with epson salts solution so dense that you float – it's also sufficiently dense that it feels a bit slick. I entered the tank with plans for performing various bits of ritual work, such as the Middle Pillar Ritual. I got partway through my series of ritual work, and gave it up, it was impossible to care enough to bother. The experience was one of peaceful relaxation that was profoundly meditative. I even managed to achieve the classic "no mind" meditative state for a short while, which is something that I have only managed to do for seconds previously. It seems rather easy to fall into in a floatation tank.

The oddest part of the experience my initial difficulty of getting comfortable, the initial temptation to lean my head up out of the water was uncomfortable, and even once I let it relax, discomfort remained, so I had to learn to stretch out my neck and adjust my posture for maximum comfort. After that, it was a restful and joyous experience. When I came out, I was filled with profound and lasting joy and for the next several hours took great pleasure in looking at pleasant everyday objects like flowers or reflections off of glass. I also noticed that my ability to notice the (primarily visual) details in the world around me was somewhat enhanced during that same time.

This was a perfect start for my series of elemental workings - I experienced water as peace relaxation, letting go of intention, and drifting (both mentally and physically). There are clearly other sides of water, but this was one that I was not all that familiar with. I will likely try this again, and will also try swimming (which will be my first attempt in more than 20 years). Also, the fire dancing class starts soon, so I should register for it.
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Date:June 28th, 2009 04:11 pm (UTC)
oooo. very awesome. not a bad price at all either!
*ears up*

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