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Writer's Block: Decision Time - Synchronicity swirls and other foolishness

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August 23rd, 2009

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03:23 pm - Writer's Block: Decision Time
When you need to make a difficult decision, what kind of resources do you consult for guidance?

My first (and most important) method is to consider carefully what actually benefits me the most - not merely in terms of immediate benefit, but also does this immediate benefit create any problems, including serious stresses on people I am close to or other issues that would negatively impact my life. I basically evaluate the benefits and costs of the decision and choose the option that maximizes overall benefits to me. If there are multiple roughly equal options, then I choose the one that minimizes costs to other individuals, and especially to people who are important in my life. However, if relevant, I include harm to noxious large corporations or other organizations that I dislike as a benefit.

This method provides a clear answer in almost all cases. On those (IMHO very) rare occasions when the answer is still unclear, I ask my partners and most trusted friends (both on-line & in person) for their perspective and then make my decision based on what works for me best.

The only time that this method doesn't work is if I am dealing with some clearly factual issue, such as which of a series of similar electronic devices will suit my needs best. In that case, I do lots of research, including reviews, online forums, and similar sources. In general, I find that the later sort of relatively minor fact-based decisions are the only difficult decisions in my life (and are ones that I can dither over for months, as I gather more information). Emotional decisions and any other sort of major decision are by and large exceptionally easy for me because the risks, costs, and benefits are usually moderately clear.

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