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Christmas List - Synchronicity swirls and other foolishness

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December 16th, 2009

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02:56 am - Christmas List
If you are interested in getting a Christmas present for me One key factor is that my income has significantly shrunk with cutbacks in gaming, and so what I’m most interested in is a few moderate to large gifts that I really want. So, if you want to get me a present, one thing you can do is get me money earmarked for one of the presents I want:

What I most want is the SmartQ V7 Mobile Internet Device, which looks to be an awesome ebook reader that’s also an acceptable web tablet. I love my ipod Touch, but a 7” screen is the minimum necessary to view gaming PDFs (which I regularly use for work) and is a good size for reading novels. With shipping, I can get one for $280.00, and I currently have $230.00 from selling my Nokia n810 and so I need an additional $50.00

I also really want this lovely piece of clothing: Elegant Goth Gothic, Royal Military Tail Velvet Jacket in Black Velveteen, Size: Men’s Medium. The jacket cost’s $79.99, and the shipping is $21, so the total cost is $100.99

Sending me money (paypal is fine, my paypal address is sneadj@mindspring.com) for either of these would be appreciated, and you are free to send me money to be used for either in the certain knowledge that I’ll be getting both as soon as I have the money to do so – likely with the SmartQ V7 coming first.

For other less expensive gifts:

Living in rainy Portland, I want a Bladerunner style light-up umbrella. Thinkgeek used to have them, but doesn’t. However, they are easily finable on ebay. Search for: Fashion LED Night Light umbrella Black. I’d love one of these.

There are also two books from the UK that I really want, that aren’t out yet:

Terminal World by Alastair Reynolds & Absorption: Ragnarok - Volume One: Ragnarok v. 1 by John Meaney

For other ideas, here’s my Amazon wishlist arranged by priority: I’d really appreciate anything in the highest category and very much enjoy anything in the high category. As always, used books in condition are always fine.

For cards or presents, my address is:

John Snead
1926 S.E. Hemlock Avenue
Portland, OR 97214
Current Mood: hopefulhopeful

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