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Points of Connection - Synchronicity swirls and other foolishness

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April 26th, 2010

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04:12 pm - Points of Connection
here's a fascinating if somewhat sad article (with videos) about chimps dealing with the death of one of their troop. What this article brought home to me was the fact that while our intellects are vastly greater than those of any other animal - we can theorize and imagine in ways that seem impossible for anything else on the planet - our emotions and personal lives are far less different. Those chimps dealt with the finality of death and saying one last goodbye in much the same way humans do. I remember having a professor in a history of science class who firmly agreed with some famous quote about how there is more difference between a chimp and a human than between a chimp and an amoeba, which is quite simply nonsense. As everyone reading this is likely aware, I'm a strong advocate of humanity becoming more than it is mentally, physically, and (hopefully) spiritually, but for all those hopes and dreams, it's also important to remember that our emotions are at their base, little different from those of other primates and any claims of human uniqueness should be tempered with this understanding.
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Date:April 27th, 2010 08:17 am (UTC)
I once knew a family which had 2 dogs. One dog was old and sickly. They had the dog put down by a Vet, then buried it in the back yard. The other dog never was allowed to see the dead friend.

The surviving dog kept wandering all over the house and yelping in pain/confusion. It stopped eating and got sicker and sicker.

Once a close friend of the family heard about the dog who was wasting away, she drove 400 miles to visit them. She told the family that there was no closure and the dog was sick with worry over her companion. So they dug up the corpse of the dead dog. And brought the live dog out to sniff the rotting remains.

The dog was sad, but started eating again. She ceased wandering around and acting forlorn. Within a week she was back to her normal self.

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