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Disgusting Cats + Farmers Market (& recipe) - Synchronicity swirls and other foolishness

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June 10th, 2010

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11:05 pm - Disgusting Cats + Farmers Market (& recipe)
So, amberite leaves for a vacation in the DC area yesterday, and today both cats manage to be considerably more disgusting than usual. Buddy is merely dealing with shedding season and so all is well with him, but I also worry about Batty (given his last kidney levels, the fact that he still appears fine is fairly impressive), but hopefully today was an anomaly. I think part of the issue is Batty missing Alice. In any case, cats can be remarkably disgusting creatures.

In far better news, teaotter and I went to the local farmer's market (four blocks from our house) today and there were at last local strawberries (they're two weeks late due to cold and rainy weather), which are sufficiently better than the more common California strawberries (which are also available for far longer). We shall eat them soon, and I also got two utterly amazing vegan truffles (salted caramel & passionfruit & lime), and some turnips, potatoes, and greens for tomorrow, when I shall make

Sausage with turnips, potatoes, onions, and greens
Serves 2


2 uncooked bratwurst (0.5 lb total)
1 lb white or red onions (several small onions are better than one large one) halve each onion and then slice into relatively thin half-circle slices
0.5 lb small yellow potatoes (fingerling potatoes are better) if larger, cut into quarters
0.5 lb small turnips (baby turnips are best) If larger, cut into quarters
½-1 bunch of collard greens or kale (do not use turnip greens, they are too fragile and soft, you need tough greens for this). Cut greens from the stem and cut up into one-inch pieces. I used collard greens for this and they were amazing.
¼-1/2 lb sauerkraut
2/3– ¾ cup white wine
1-2 TBS dijon or similar mustard
Salt & pepper
Ground celery seed or celery salt
Fresh thyme
Olive oil
2 fresh bay leaves

Take a large baking pan and place sausage in it (puncture each sausage with a fork several times) add onions, potatoes, turnips, bay leaves and greens to the pan. Use a pan large enough to lay everything flat, and not too crowded (some crowding is good) – avoid piling chunks of potatoes or turnip on top of each other too much, but the greens work best if they are on the bottom, under the potatoes, turnips, onions, and sausage. Sprinkle or toss the sauerkraut over the top of everything and sprinkle with salt, pepper, fresh thyme, and celery salt. Then, mix wine and mustard and pour in the pan and drizzle everything liberally with olive oil (at least several tablespoons. Cover pan with aluminum foil and bake for 30 minutes at 400. Then uncover and bake for an additional 20 minutes. If the potatoes and turnips are not yet done, recover and bake another 10 minutes. Add more white wine if the dish dries out.
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