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New phone comments and Nokia n82 for sale (on ebay) - Synchronicity swirls and other foolishness

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August 31st, 2010

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01:24 am - New phone comments and Nokia n82 for sale (on ebay)
With B-day money, I got a new phone. I've had my Nokia n82 for two years, and while I love it, and think it has the best camera (with a real flash) and the best GPS and maps I've ever seen on a phone, I now text far too much to be willing to deal with a conventional keyboard, so I got Nokia x6 16GB, which has a lovely capacitive touchscreen - quite a while ago I decided that I never want to deal with a resistive touchscreen again. Also, its screen is bigger, the GPS and maps are as good, and while it doesn't have a real camera flash like the n82, it does have a 2 led "flash", and I downloaded an app that allows me to use it as a very handy led flashlight. One of these days, I'll have both the money and the actual need for a data plan (or in fact a phone plan, instead of the $10/month of prepaid minutes that have worked very well for me since I've gotten a cell phone), but until then, Nokia phones rock.

In any case, I'm selling my n82, here's the auction, if you are interested in a very nice used phone.

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