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Decades Meme - Synchronicity swirls and other foolishness

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March 10th, 2011

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03:11 am - Decades Meme
March 2011: Living in Portland with my two partners, still working in the RPG industry.

March 2001: Living with teaotter in Portland, 12 blocks from where I now live, starting to be successful at RPG writing. I was working on a fair amount for Exalted & Mage: The Ascension. My life was much like it is now, except that my beloved amberite was not yet part of my life.

March 1991: Living in LA, with my friend Aaron - I remember loathing LA. I was in the last stages of grad school and getting ready to consider abandoning my efforts to obtain a PhD. I was dabbling in RPG work, and a few months from starting to become penpals with Becca. I was also looking for a coven to join, having not yet found the one that I became a part of.

March 1981: Living in Lee dorm in my Sophomore year of college in St. Louis. At the time I knew bard_bloom, who is the only person from that time I still keep in contact with. Lee dorm was where I learned about friendship and actually being a social person. I was also an avid gamer, having just learned about gaming less than a year previously. I was majoring in history, math, and physics at the time (I later dropped the physics major).

March 1971: I was 9 years old and in 4th grade, living in Arlington VA. This was around the last year that I had friends until I got into my Junior High gifted program. It was becoming apparent that I was far too bookish than was considered acceptable by my peers and my interests were beginning to seriously diverge from most people my age.

March 1961: I was not yet born.

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