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Fun, Power, and Collaborative Work - Synchronicity swirls and other foolishness

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June 14th, 2011

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02:42 am - Fun, Power, and Collaborative Work
I'm deeply amused at andrewducker's find of this 1995 usenet fan post about Doctor Who by Steven Moffat. 16 years later, he was able to make his fan idea canon. I'm equally amused by the first response on the usenet thread - "Good stuff.. I really like it... If only the Doctor Who writers could be so imaginative..."

I'm also reminded of my previous post on collaborate writing in RPGs, Comics, TV, and other media that has many creators, and why I love RPG writing. There is both the fun of building on other's work, and the fun (and power) of transforming one's fan theory into canon. Of course, I equally enjoy seeing what people do with my creations. My favorite of is still the Lintha Pirates from Exalted – I wrote them as mutated, gilled pirates, another author transformed them into the twisted hybrid remnant of an ancient and terrible pre-human species, and then I got a change to write about the last survivors of the original pure-bred Lintha.
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