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Magic Dream - Synchronicity swirls and other foolishness

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July 12th, 2011

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01:15 am - Magic Dream
For the past several months, I've been doing nightly meditations, part of which involved inviting more magic and more joy into my life (after I do the Middle Pillar Ritual and Circulating the Body of Light), and in addition to my life generally going a bit better, things seem to be getting a bit more interesting. One of the most interesting recent events happened last night.

I had an odd and exceptionally vivid dream – it started with meeting a wizard, specifically someone who reminded me of Harry Dresden of the Dresden Files, except that he also had some odd physical characteristics – piebald skin and almost fur-like body hair that seemed remarkably dog-like and which he dismissed by saying that many wizards are (or perhaps become, I wasn't clear) physically a bit odd. He was only the first of three wizards that I met in the dream, I ended up in a car with him driving at night, until we came to a street corner where he met the other two wizards.

The next to arrive described herself as a wizard who mentioned that she had also inherited various powerful supernatural talismans and devices from her parents and now choose to be a superhero. She looked and seemed a great deal like the DC comics version of Isis. The third seemed far more like a fairly standard Wiccan woman who was clearly deeply into magic and as powerful as the other two. I don't remember seeing her do any magic, but I think she did, and I know the other two performed various actions that were clearly magical, including "Isis'" magical talismans flying through the air from a table to her hands.

In the course of talking to "Harry Dresden", I asked to learn magic – the first time I asked, he looked at me in a somewhat indulgent and dismissive fashion, until it was clear that I was going to repeat my request three times. By the end of the second time, he told me I didn't want to do that, and after the third, he looked somewhat resigned.

The three of them then parted ways, and I ended up walking with the Wiccan wizard to her house or apartment, or whatever, where there was a party, where most people were in masks and costumes of the feather mask and raggedy brightly colored cloth sort of thing people sometimes wear as costumes at places like Faerieworlds. In the dream, I knew several of people there, one being someone I knew as a child, another was an actual friend of mine from college (bard_bloom), and the third, a dream character that in the dream I had known briefly in college. Meeting her revealed part of the back-story of the dream, where back in college< and several other people had gone to a very strange Halloween party in a house that was put on by the same Wiccan wizard. I had never been able to find that house again, but the woman at the party had become her student. Part of this was explained to me as the fact (which in all honestly is quite true) that at the time my morality and overall level of carelessness in life was such that my learning actual magic would have been far from a good idea.

The dream was made more interesting by two other facts. The first is that I woke up briefly and was able to go back into it at a slightly later point – the people from the house were mostly still in costume, and we were all going out someplace in the daytime, at this point in the dream we were all in a large parking lot. Also, this dream was considerably more vivid and memorable that my usual crop of adventure fluff-dreams that I barely (if at all) remember, and which hang together far less well. I periodically have dreams this vivid, usually every couple of year, and they often turn out to have some meaning (often a fairly obvious one, my subconscious is far from subtle). In any case, it was both a nifty and a thought-provoking dream.
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Date:July 12th, 2011 12:35 pm (UTC)
Now you're dreaming.

I've dreamt like this for years, or at least I used to. You've also shown me the pathway to get my dreams back - I need to get back on the Road.

Thank you for sharing your awesome dream, and for shining a light my way!

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