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Social Swirl & Poly Life - Synchronicity swirls and other foolishness

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July 18th, 2011

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02:19 am - Social Swirl & Poly Life
Saturday was wonderful, my wonderful friend pazi_ashfeather is visiting Portland, and called up to see if she and silverback2001 could come and visit. amberite was out of town, but teaotter were not busy, and we spend a wonderful afternoon and evening together. Our attempt at going to the best sushi place in Portland failed due to a 2 hour wait at 6:00 PM, but we found a lovely pan-Asian place literally around the corner, and then we came back to our place for more socializing. Eventually Pazi needed to leave, but Silver stayed and we talked occultism, our particular interests and knowledge base are very similar indeed, and Silver is someone I had not spent much time with before, something I definitely wish to remedy, especially now since I'm working slowly back into getting into more serious occult practice. We're also having Pazi & Silver over for dinner sometime in the next week or so, so I will also again have the chance to show off my cooking.

In any case, Saturday was one of those whirlwind, intensely social days that I have always loved, but one odd thing I noticed, and have noticed before is that I'm often emotionally somewhat tired afterwards. This never used to happen to me, until I got into a poly triad. Prior to that time, there was largely no such thing as too much socializing for me, to some degree I was always in need of at least a bit more social contact – a fairly inevitable fact of being an ENFP who typically becomes closest to introverts. However, now that I live with both teaotter & amberite, the need for external socialization is significantly less and I can sometimes find it somewhat tiring. What I also need to remember is that while intense socializing can now be tiring, it remains as joyful as ever, just tiring afterwards and somewhat less necessary, if no less fun.
Current Mood: contemplativecontemplative

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