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An Excellent Novel, An Equally Good Work Realization, + Dubious TV - Synchronicity swirls and other foolishness

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November 9th, 2014

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11:00 pm - An Excellent Novel, An Equally Good Work Realization, + Dubious TV
I recently finished The Peripheral by William Gibson. It's a stand-alone novel that was excellent, and is the first of his novels that I've thoroughly enjoyed since Count Zero. It takes place in both the rural US something like between 20 and 30 years from now in a US that is poorer and more corrupt, but with considerably better tech, and 70 years later, in an era with seriously advanced post-scarcity tech, but a fairly grim plutocracy. It contained a number of well done female characters and characters of color, and was interesting and good. I'm now looking forward to what Gibson writes next.

Also, while the basic rules are not yet done, I'm getting the setting squared away on Trinity Universe: Æon. Several chapters are now complete, and most of the rest of the setting chapters will soon be done. The one worry I've had for a while was that several months ago I found out that as the rules stood then, I'd need to include something like 10,000 words of additional rules, and there wasn't really anything that I could obviously cut to make room for them. However, several sections look like they will be something shorter that I planned, and not in need of lengthening.

I just added up the total wordcount and came to 10,500 words under the total wordcount that I have available to me. So, those extra 10,000 words won't be a problem at all. I may need an additional 3,000 words, but I'm betting adding that to the total won't be a problem, especially since the wordcount will be in flux since this game is (AFAIK at least) getting a Kickstarter (once the manuscript is complete), and additional text being added on to the book are inevitable Stretch Goals, as is more art and (hopefully) full-color art. With luck, the new book will look at least as nice as the first edition, and from what I've seen the setting material will be less white-people-centric and also an awesome modern SF game (with psi powers).

TV is rather less awesome. We've stopped watching Gotham, because it's basically the story of a corrupt city greatly in need of Batman, where much of the story is about young Bruce Wayne being shaped into the person who becomes Batman, except that he's now 8, and so won't ever be Batman on screen, and I don't care at all. The 2nd & 3rd episodes of Constantine were better than the first, but it still sucks, just not as much.

Meanwhile, the 2nd season of Sleepy Hollow is almost as bad. I quite liked the first season, but it really should have been a single season show. I seriously wasn't fond of the demonic pregnancy plot last episode, and basically, like in Gotham (and less obviously in Constantine), the show is now all about the protagonists continually losing, with only the occasional minor victory to prevent the apocalypse at the end of a particular episode. Also, I don't buy and could care less about a redemption arc for Jeremy/Henry Parrish (played by John Noble, and who Becca and I refer to as "evil war Walter", after Noble's far more interesting character in Fringe.

OTOH, the 2nd season of Defiance was (unexpectely) brilliant, Agents of Shield is now moderately good, and I'm enjoying both Arrow and The Flash. One thing that especially pleases me with Arrow is that while it's a show with a single male protagonist, it now has a number of excellent female characters who are all give a fair amount of screen time. The show is at long last finding something interesting to do with Laurel and both Felicity and Thea are being handled very well. In some ways, I think it's at least as much a mark of progress that you can get that in a show with a male protagonist as the fact that geeky adventure shows with female protagonists now also exist.
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