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DC Comics TV Musing & Noticing - Synchronicity swirls and other foolishness

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February 13th, 2015

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02:13 am - DC Comics TV Musing & Noticing
From my PoV, the Marvel Comics Universe films have ranged from excellent to OK, which is doing exceptionally well for supers films. Sadly, the DC comics films of the last 15 years have ranged from pretty bad with one really impressive part to eye-bleedingly terrible. Also, while the Marvel films have ranged from bad to barely OK wrt to gender, the DC films have pretty much ranged from really really bad to really, really bad.

However, the situation is far different from TV. In addition to the obvious and easily understandable fact that mainstream TV can afford to take more chances and be more progressive than mainstream film, simply because the money at stake is so much lower, Marvel is (finally) doing fairly good TV with Agents of SHIELD, but DC has both one OK show (The Flash), and one quite good show Arrow, which has managed to be surprisingly good wrt race and gender.

It's also adding new heroes at a fairly rapid clip. We have (in order of appearance) Green Arrow, Huntress, Black Canary, a version of Oracle (Felicity Smoak), The Flash, Firestorm, and quite soon, The Atom. At various times, all of these characters have been members of the Justice League, which makes me wonder if they might be considering a JLA spin-off show (which would pretty much need to be a replacement for Arrow). However, it's equally clear that DC TV (unlike the movies or for that matter the comics) is actually interested in having female heroes, and if you want to do a JLA show, you need more than 2 (perhaps 3 if Felicity had a major role) female heroes given you have 4 male heroes, and I'm guessing they'll add one or two more.

So, then I got to wondering who they might add. I'm hoping that they learn a lesson from Smallville that adding in super powers, aliens, supertech, and magic all in one show or even just all in one TV continuity results in an utter mess. So far, all we've seen is highly trained hyper-normals, supertech, and superpowered metahumans. If they have sense and keep to that, then Hawkgirl, the Martian Manhunter, Zatanna, and a number of the other JLA members who aren't white men are out. Obviously, so is Wonder Woman, since it looks like they're using that character in what I presume will be yet another terrible DC comics film.

So, I considered who might work, and one obvious choice was Vixen. I then looked on Wikipedia to see if she'd ever had her own comic (just a limited series) and saw the following (at the bottom or the article:
In January 2015, The CW announced that an animated web-series origin story centered on Vixen would be debuting on CW Seed in autumn 2015. It will be set in the same universe of sibling CW series Arrow and The Flash. The character is expected to make live-action appearance on The Flash and/or Arrow as well. The 6-part series will be set in Detroit, Michigan; and if successful could lead to a live-action adaptation.

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