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America: Yet More Horrors - Synchronicity swirls and other foolishness

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April 12th, 2015

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03:05 am - America: Yet More Horrors
I read today that Walter Scott, the black man who was shot to death in South Carolina while running away from a white cop was buried today. Today I also learned that someone in a US city far away from me and who I have never met, but who is very close to friend of mine, was raped by a cop. Both abuses of power are horrific and both cops should be in prison, but beyond my anger at the two individual police officers, my feelings extends far beyond the police.

Instead, I thought of the fact that such events (perpetrated by both the police and ordinary citizens) have been occurring for much longer than there has been a US. We live in a society with deep seated racism and misogyny, and while both are slowly getting better in many ways, there remain far too many men and especially white men who are firmly convinced that they have the right to treat people of color and women however they wish &/or view them as objects or inhuman creatures rather than fellow people.

All of us have far more ability to learn about and react to such events than we had before, and that's clearly making a difference. I didn't see widespread national outrage and mass media articles about unarmed black men being shot by white police officers or about the vile way most women are treated in the US 20 years ago and there was much less widespread public and mass media discussion of racism and misogyny a decade ago, but we now also have louder and more organized backlash.

There's so very little I am able to about any of this – voting against stories written and selected by similarly vile people (and of course, voting for fictions I loved) seems a very small thing to do in the face of all this, but it's what I can do. So it goes…
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