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Pleasing Work Oddity - Synchronicity swirls and other foolishness

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May 12th, 2015

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10:35 pm - Pleasing Work Oddity
For quite a while, most of my work has come through a mixture of my writing to companies and developers and developers and companies who I know, have interacted with, or have worked with before writing to me. However, over the last decade I've had four developers write to me out of the blue to work on projects.

The first was a small American company, but the other three have all been British. Given that I do more than 80% of my writing for US RPG companies, I find this quite odd, but I also loved the two projects I was previously to do [[1]] and the second of these led to a continuing working relationship with Cubicle 7, and am enjoying the one I just started on, which I can't talk about yet, but is quite nifty.

In any case, I have no idea why UK publishers I have not worked with before are approaching me more than US ones, but given that I've never had payment problems with UK publishers, I'm quite happy about it. Also, being asked to write something solely due to my reputation as an RPG writer and designer is exceedingly flattering.

[[1]]: The first was the as yet unpublished Unhallowed Wizardry, a magic and psi sourcebook for Call of Cthulhu, by Sixtystone Press (which will hopefully be kickstarting later this year) & the magic rules for Cubicle 7's Laundry RPG - (I rather suspect I got the second because I wrote the first).
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