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Mr. Robot an Excellent Show & an Indication of the Changing Media Landscape - Synchronicity swirls and other foolishness

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July 23rd, 2015

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11:18 pm - Mr. Robot an Excellent Show & an Indication of the Changing Media Landscape
Mr. Robot continues to be the most impressive show I've seen in quite a long time. After this week's episode, teaotter pointed out that one of the key things it shows us is that all of the characters are vulnerable in some way, and that for most of them this vulnerability is financial – they are regularly on the edge of financial ruin. The show also continues to use Elliot's exceedingly close first person PoV very well, while also stepping outside of this for scenes where Elliot isn't present.

I was also struck by something that I realized was new. In one episode, one male character seems like he might possibly be coming on to another male character in a somewhat intimidating fashion. This is far from uncommon in TV, and similar moments form the basis for a great deal of fan fiction. However, in another episode, we see the same character having obviously quite vigorous sex with another man in order to obtain information. This character has a female partner, but also has sex with men, and that's not something I've seen before. So, that previous scene may well have been an actual come on that will be made more obvious in later episodes. That fact that this is now possible in TV is surprising and fascinating.

In any case, the show does modern media-savvy TV better than I've ever seen before. It has references to all manner of previous media – with special emphasis on The Matrix & Fight Club, and an interesting nod to Bladerunner with someone who seems to be the chief antagonist (and who is the wealthiest and most powerful character we regularly see) being named Tyrell.

It also doesn't flinch from showing both a somewhat uncomfortable, but brilliant portrayal of someone who is exceedingly social awkward or from the disturbing facts of how most people fare in the modern US economy. In addition, at least from what I know, it does hacking in a remarkably realistic fashion that avoids all of the nonsense that we usually see in shows where computer hacking plays an important role. It was also renewed for a second season on the basis of the pilot, so there's no fear of it suddenly vanishing.

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