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Media Musings - Jessica Jones & Arrow - Synchronicity swirls and other foolishness

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December 12th, 2015

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12:09 am - Media Musings - Jessica Jones & Arrow
Like much of the rest of geeks anywhere Netflix is available, I've been watching Jessica Jones, which is excellent. I've been watching between 2 & 3 episodes per day unless I'm otherwise far too busy, and recently I have been doing less work than I should because of that. Today, rather than avoiding work to watch Jessica Jones, I'm working to avoid the temptation of watching more Jessica Jones - I just finished episode 10, and dear gods I need a break before I watch more. It's excellent, but really harsh.

I'm also simultaneously intrigued and annoyed at the mid-season finale of Arrow. One of the things the show is excellent at is not fridging female characters, to the point that Sarah Lance was seemingly fridged twice and one time didn't die and the second time was brought back to life. The finale features what looked like an absolutely classic DC-Comics-at-its-worst fridging, complete with multiple tender scenes before (reminding me far to much of how clumsily Tara being killed was handled on Buffy), and Christmas music being played when the character was killed - except, what we actually saw was an instant before the episode ended, the character merely looked dead, and the beginning of the episode, "previously on Arrow" brief scene of Oliver Queen at a grave (where the audience can't see the headstone), which had been shone previously as a months later flash-forward.

I trust the show runners sufficiently that I'm pretty sure that the female character won't actually be dead, and instead another character will be killed in the next episode or two spoiler - highlight to read: I'm expecting Detective Lance to be killed for betraying Damien Darhk. That would be an effective fake-out trick, but also an annoying one. I'd appreciate such tricks a lot more if I wasn't still being female characters being fridged on other shows I watch (the most recently and most obvious being on last week's Agents of Shield, but is normally better than that, but sure wasn't last week).

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Date:December 16th, 2015 01:29 pm (UTC)
Much love for Jessica Jones.

Re: Fridging, though ... there's kind of a scene where a female character dies specifically and precisely to motivate the protagonist. There's also another point where the murder of a woman (in the past tense) is primarily for protagonist motivation purposes, and framed in how it makes the protagonist feel.

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