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A relatively small but important to me TV milestone - Synchronicity swirls and other foolishness

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November 12th, 2017

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05:23 pm - A relatively small but important to me TV milestone
As I’ve mentioned before, I watch Supergirl, and largely regard it as a guilty pleasure that is more fun than good (the acting and writing aren’t bad, but that also are far from excellent), and I enjoy the rather ham-handed political commentary, like the evil real-estate developer (Morgan Edge) arranging for Lena Luthor to appear guilty of a crime, followed by a scene with people holding signs and shouting “Lock her up”. As I said, ham-handed fun.

Also, like Star Trek: Discovery (a far better-done show), Supergirl has a queer couple in the main cast, which is awesome. But, they had something I didn’t expect – last episode, the queer couple on Supergirl (Alex & Maggie) broke off their engagement and broke up, because over the last couple of episodes, it had become clear that Alex really wanted children and Maggie didn’t. When the show first brought this up, I expected the standard TV response of Maggie changing her mind and deciding she also wanted to raise children, because that’s what *always* happens on TV.

It didn’t. Instead, the show made it very clear in the show that both Alex and Maggie had valid points of view and that neither of them was a bad or damaged person for their opposite desires. As someone who is vehemently childfree, that was huge. I’ve almost never seen similar sentiments expressed on TV. Characters making the decision to only have one or two children, or perhaps to only adopt children have become relatively common, but a character, and especially a female character deciding they don’t ever want to have or raise children and then sticking with this decision because this choice is important to them is something I can’t remember seeing on TV before. I’m halfway expecting Maggie to change her mind and for the two characters to get back together, but for now I’m very pleased.

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