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Thanksgiving 2017 - Synchronicity swirls and other foolishness

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November 24th, 2017

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03:32 pm - Thanksgiving 2017
My yearly Thanksgiving with what at this point can best be described as my Portland tribe was excellent. This year, there were 32 people and truly amazing amount of food. It’s also been interesting to consider how things have changed over the years.

21 years ago, Becca and I had our first Thanksgiving with the collective household known as the Ennead (then consisting of 6 people), after we'd recently met them via the brilliant and much missed usenet group rec.games.frp.advocacy. This has been our Thanksgiving tradition ever since, except that now it’s far larger. A few people have kids, but mostly we’ve accreted more people. In 2004, AJ has their first Thanksgiving with us, and at that time, we were the first poly family in this social circle.

Yesterday, one of the people there remarked that our gathering needs a poly grouping of 5, since we have a pair (who live together and each have partners living elsewhere), a trio (Becca, AJ, and I), and a quad (an awesome poly family consisting of one old friend, and some very nifty people I’ve met far more recently), and several other poly people were also present.

Also, the Ennead’s collective household very recently budded off a second collective household, who has among its members, Winnie, my partner AJ’s best friend and writing partner who moved to Portland a few months back, Ben, a fellow RPG designer who is also now my partner Becca’s office assistant (essentially performing Becca’s previous job, before she became a CPA and took over her previous boss’s business), and Jenna, a exceptionally brilliant RPG designer who I’ve known for many years, but who moved to Portland in the last few years.

With luck, in a few years this tribe will grow even further, since there’s a moderate chance that another poly triad (who are somewhat intertwined with AJ, Becca, and I) will move to Portland.

In any case, it was wonderful, and remarkably unlike many Thanksgiving stereotypes, since everyone present was fairly to exceptionally geeky (with comics writers and artists, RPG designers, and SF authors all being well represented), and with the political range from lefty Democrat to socialist, as well as containing a fair number of pagans of various sorts, an unknown to me, but not small number of atheists and agnostics, and at least one far lefty Christian.

It was also sufficiently social, that even a (albeit shy) extrovert like myself ended up somewhat over-socialed afterwards, but as well as having something that can best be described as a mild version of “con drop”.

In any case, despite a federal government run by monsters who seek to ruin the planet and pauperize almost all of the inhabitants, there’s definitely joy, freedom, and wonder in Portland.

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