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Runaways on Hulu - Excellent TV - Synchronicity swirls and other foolishness

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November 29th, 2017

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02:20 pm - Runaways on Hulu - Excellent TV
As of yesterday, my partners and I have watched the first 4 episodes of the new Marvel series Runaways, which is on Hulu. I love it, I read the comic, and it’s an excellent adaptation, with some interesting changes (one of which is making Molly Gert’s adopted sister, which was clearly done in part to reduce the number of parents, but also works well). The series focuses a bit more on the parents and their motives, and while they’re all basically evil people, they are also very different people.

It has excellent acting, good writing and plots, and I highly recommend it. It also has something I haven’t seen in a MCU show before – it is neither dismally terrible, like Inhumans or Agents of SHIELD, or sufficiently grim and brutal that it’s either difficult to watch (like Jessica Jones) or something I’m simply unwilling to watch because I do not wish to see characters slowly beaten to death on screen (like all of the other Marvel shows on Netflix). Instead, Runaways is solidly done TV that’s not graphically violent, but manages to be intense and powerful without that. It’s also an interesting discussing of wealth and privilege.

It’s also fascinating to me that Runaways isn’t the best new show of 2017, because from my PoV, that’s hand’s down Legion, which is both unlike anything else and exceptionally brilliant, but I’d definitely put Runaways second, and I highly recommend it.

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