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The Last Jedi (no spoilers) and thoughts on upcoming films - Synchronicity swirls and other foolishness

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December 15th, 2017

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11:14 pm - The Last Jedi (no spoilers) and thoughts on upcoming films
[personal profile] amberite & I just saw Star Wars: The Last Jedi – I enjoyed the heck out of it. It wasn’t as good as Rogue One, but Mark Hamil did an excellent old cranky master mystic, and it was wonderful and very moving to see Carrie Fisher doing and excellent job in one last film about struggle and hope in these grim days. So, it appeared to shoot down my theory about Rey, but not provably so, sadly I’ll need to wait 2 more years for an answer. With a modicum of luck that will be a film I’ll see with a Democrat controlled Congress and a different president.

I also had an experience that I haven’t had in quite a while, I really want to see every film the theater played a trailer of. This was my first time seeing the Wrinkle In Time trailer on the big screen, and it both looks wonderful, and I desperately hope it will be good - it seems like an easy book to do very badly and difficult to do well, but the trailer gives me hope. I’m more confident that The Black Panther will be excellent, and after seeing this also for the first time on the big screen, I just added a line for my art notes for Trinity Continuum: Æon, for the illo of the UAN (the united, high tech 22nd century Africa), which was “the more this looks like Wakanda from the Black Panther film, the better”.

The trailer for The Post (about the Washington Post and the Pentagon Papers, which is indirectly what brought down Nixon), which looked both very timely, exceedingly appropriate to be a trailer before The Last Jedi, and also appears to be quite good. Finally, there was a trailer for Avengers: The Infinity War, which looked like much fun, although I'm looking forward to both the Black Panther and Captain Marvel films considerably more.

On Sunday, [personal profile] amberite, [personal profile] teaotter, and I, and various others are all going to see The Shape of Water, which I also except to be exceedingly excellent.

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