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Too many damn nazis - Synchronicity swirls and other foolishness

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December 23rd, 2017

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08:36 pm - Too many damn nazis
My partner [personal profile] teaotter and I are visiting my parents in McLean VA, which means watching TV news - something I never do (normally getting all my news from the online versions of newspapers like the New York Times. My parents are centrist democrats who would never consider watching faux news. Instead, they mostly watch the local NBC, ABC, or CBS news.

Last night, I learned a term I'd not heard before "chain migration" - I learned it from any ad from some nazi anti-immigration group that decried the imaginary evils of allowing people's family members to immigrate to the US. Other than the basic disgust of nazis being nazis, I didn't think anything of this, until today, on the 11 PM ABC news out of Washington DC, when the newscaster talking about the alleged terrorist attack on police officers in Harrisburg Pennsylvania, mentioned that the supposed terrorist was "part of a chain of migration going back decades" Hearing this made me sick. I'm astoundingly tired of all the damn nazis shaping US discourse.

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