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Down an increasingly likely political rabbit hole - Synchronicity swirls and other foolishness

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December 31st, 2017

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03:24 am - Down an increasingly likely political rabbit hole
Months ago, before the first arrests began, I was talking with my partner [personal profile] teaotter about the Mueller Russia investigation, and she said that for it to be done at all well, Mueller and his team would need to not only clear 45 or prove that he was involved, but would also need to do the same thing for the line of succession, and that nothing would be released until all this had been done, since getting rid of all the corruption at once is vastly superior to either a continual string of dominoes falling, or the people not yet indicted attempting to pardon or cover up for the people who were indicted or impeached.

Three days ago we found out that Mueller is investigating whether the RNC worked with Russia, and today we find out that covfefe boy George Papadopoulos may actually have been the person setting up the initial promises of anti-Clinton leaks for easing sanctions, and he’s been cooperating with Mueller since late July.

In short, Mueller may already have 45, and while I would strongly doubt that Pence was directly involved with arranging this deal, I think it’s exceedingly likely he knew before the election, in which case he’s gone, and at this point Mueller may know this, and so now he’s trying to see if Paul Ryan is clean. If we’re lucky, we might see 45, Pence, and Ryan all fall, which would leave us with president Orin Hatch, and while Hatch is another hideous conservative, he’s not a Nazi, and he’s also not a smarmy self-serving monster like Ryan. Also, if 45, Pence, and Ryan all go (presumably along with Sessions and likely Tillerson), then the GOP is in sufficiently dire trouble, that 60% of the US will likely be associating GOP candidate for federal office and Russian-owned traitor for much of the next decade.

On one hand, this all looks like a premature journey down the rabbit hole. However, the facts match up remarkably well. If anything like this happens, it will be unique in US history, and will make Watergate look relatively tame and minor in comparison. This is especially true because I’m betting that one result of this will be something ranging from a moderate increase in mass shootings by far right nutjobs to a minor uprising by the same sorts of people. It’s not like 45 and Bannon won’t be fanning those flames, especially since Mueller is also investigating Russian ties to Cambridge Analytica, which is controlled by Robert Mercer, the man who bankrolls Breitbart.

If I’m correct, and I think I am, then I’m betting all this happens well before the 2018 election, likely in the next 6 months. Of course, we may have to deal with the rather horrifying specter of Mueller finding solid data and Congress not being willing to do anything about it, at which point, we’ll all need to take to the streets. We shall see.

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Date:January 6th, 2018 09:25 am (UTC)
Well, it's now clear that we won't be getting President Orrin Hatch.

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