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Musings on Culture & Het Sex - Synchronicity swirls and other foolishness

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February 2nd, 2018

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09:24 pm - Musings on Culture & Het Sex
This excellent article about women, men, and problems with inequality during sex is an excellent response to the issues raised by the article about the woman who wrote about her experiences with Aziz Ansari. I think it’s also an excellent depiction of the harm that rape culture does beyond encouraging criminal sexual assault.
This article also made me think about this article from 3 years ago, which discusses a study which shows that on average women are just as interested in casual sex as men if (and as I discuss in a bit, this is a huge if) “ they wouldn’t suffer the social repercussions or safety risks?”

First you have the fact that (depending on the study) 4-6% of men are serial rapists, and so that’s a definite risk and very real risk – a roughly 1 in 20 chance that someone a woman considers hooking up with will drug or get them drunk and rape them. However, there’s also well more than that going on.

As the first article points out, even when nothing that could be prosecuted as sexual assault occurs, women still risk have an exceptionally unpleasant evening:
”A casual survey of forums where people discuss "bad sex" suggests that men tend to use the term to describe a passive partner or a boring experience… But when most women talk about "bad sex," they tend to mean coercion, or emotional discomfort or, even more commonly, physical pain.”
In short, the reason that so much data suggests that women are notably less interested in sex outside of committed relationships than men are appears to be the fact that so many men are not merely inconsiderate, but actively horrid. Some of this horridness is clearly criminal, some of it isn’t, but it’s pretty clear to anyone reasonable, that none of it is humane or reasonable behavior.

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