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Musings on The Legion 2nd season Premier - Synchronicity swirls and other foolishness

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April 6th, 2018

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01:54 am - Musings on The Legion 2nd season Premier
I watched the first episode of the 2nd season of Legion, like first season, it was both odd, and I think, awesome. This episode managed to be somewhat more surreal-looking than most of 1st season, and that’s definitely saying something. I hope they tone that down a bit, or at least don’t increase it, since there’s definitely such a thing as getting too surreal, but it’s also one of the few shows I’ve seen that is openly surreal in this fashion. As a side-note, if you are interested in the show, start with episode 1 of season 1, it’s all excellent, and starting with season 2 seems like it would be painfully confusing.
Also, it would never have occurred to me to represent a psychic battle between two exceedingly powerful telepaths as a dance-off, but it worked.

I was also thinking about the characters' powers. David Haller seems like he can warp and reshape reality directly (in addition to telepathy and TK). I was then thinking of Syd, whose power is body switching. Her power makes no sense at all – it seems like she doesn’t switch minds, but instead temporarily transforms her body into someone else’s, while their body temporarily turns into hers. Then, it occurred to me. What if all mutant powers in Legion are nothing more or less than focused reality warping. You get the change you want by reshaping the world in highly specific ways. This could work as a general theory for super powers (and nicely justifies the common idea, which doesn’t show up in Legion of super power damping devices), and also explains how there could be a single X-gene that control mutation – it’s the gene for reality warping.

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