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Problems Both National and Local - Synchronicity swirls and other foolishness

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June 19th, 2018

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04:15 am - Problems Both National and Local
Today, in breaks from redlining an RPG project I’ve developing, I have been reading more about the various concentration camps the US now has, two years ago I had no idea this could possibly be a thing in the US, but it very sadly is now. Then, how crappy the US is got somewhat more personal. My partner [personal profile] amberite is in the Bay Area, first going to their younger brother’s college graduation, and then visiting friends. They’re coming back tomorrow, which will be awesome.

In any case, my partner [personal profile] teaotter and I were planning on a quiet night at home. Then, there was a knock on the door. On of AJ’s friend’s C, who I basically don’t know at all and who has moderately serious mental illness, just got out of what sounds like a fairly horrid-sounding residential facility, and is currently living in her van. Said van needed a new battery badly, and so she showed up, limping and on crutches, looking for help from [personal profile] amberite. Not currently having a phone, C did not know AJ was out of town.

We gave her some food, then Becca went out and got her a car battery, and I lent her my tablet so she could search for a place to park her van that wouldn’t be hassled, because after she’d been here 30 minutes some jackass who lives nearby was out walking his dog. and upon seeing the van parked in front of our place, threatened to call the cops (which he did – the cops showed up 3 hours later, and basically did nothing, because there was nothing to do, the van had at that point been there less than four hours and by that time had a new battery (thank the gods that I had a set of socket wrenches, which I’d never used before, but which proved to be the only thing capable of getting the battery cables off the old battery and that the cops weren’t monstrous) and was ready to drive away. She couldn’t stay in our driveway, because it’s shared and thus a very large van would block our next-door neighbor in.

We live in a wealthy nation, and in one of the most liberal states, and there’s pretty much nothing both official and functional that can be done for someone with mental illness sufficiently bad that she repeatedly ends up getting kicked out by whatever roommates she finds, and thus she’s living in a van, which is essentially illegal within the limits of pretty much any US city. I’m far from certain what the state would do to help C in one of the vastly more humane nations of Western Europe, but I suspect it would be more that is being done for her here, and at minimum she’d likely at least have less of the stress of dire poverty.

This nation disgusts me and so do many of its residents. The scumbag who called the cops on here is merely one example of the far too many people who see someone in trouble and because seeing that person makes them uncomfortable, their answer is to try to drive them off. I’d often uncomfortable around people I don’t know, and doing stuff like that would never occur to me. On the positive side, another neighbor who lives across the street, and who I also don’t know, but who has several very sweet, well-cared for indoor-outdoor cats came over and asked if he could do anything to help, so there is that.

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Date:June 19th, 2018 03:16 pm (UTC)
I have no idea whether our country is ever going to be adequately helped, but good job helping your partner's friend. And at least you have one nice neighbor!

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